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9" Premium Granite Turbo Diamond Blade

9" Premium Granite Turbo Diamond Blade


Our 12mm high segmented granite blade in diameter 230mm, produced in most sophisticated hot-pressed technology, helps you save over 70% in cost, and now you pay less than 30% of traditional brazed granite blades for cutting the same material! Our special alloyed steel core and optimized segment design achieves chip free high speed cutting and maximum lifetime!

Concrete, Abrasive materials, Masonry, Hard Clay Bricks, Block.


Angle Grinder


  • Product code: PRE-AG230
  • DIAMETER: 9"/230
  • SEGMENT SIZE: 2.6×1.8×12
  • STEEL CORE: Key/Narrow slot
  • ARBOR: 22.23mm
  • out dia.×high of Seg.×thickness of seg.×length of seg.×number of seg.×thickness of steel core(dia. Of steel core): 230×12×2.6×1.8-4BSAK(230)
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