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14"Premium Diamond Saw Blade - Green Concrete/Asphalt

14"Premium Diamond Saw Blade - Green Concrete/Asphalt


12mm High Segment Double insured laser welding technology provides safe connection between segments and core.
Experienced tension processing makes the thinner blade more rigid.


Concrete, Abrasive materials, Masonry, Hard Clay Bricks, Block, Green concrete/ Asphalt



High speed hand-held power saw. Masonry saw, handheld saw.


  • Product Code: PRE-GC350
  • DIAMETER: 14"/350
  • SEGMENT SIZE: 40×3.5×12
  • STEEL CORE: Key/Narrow slot
  • ARBOR: 1"/25.4mm + pin hole
  • out dia.×high of Seg.×thickness of seg.×length of seg.×number of seg.×thickness of steel core(dia. Of steel core):350×12×2.8×38×28×2.2(350)
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