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Quality Diamond Saw Blade.

LD Diamond Products started by Central Iron & Steel Research Institute (CISRI) in 1993. As No.1 research institution in China, CISRI has over 55 years of experience in developing advanced materials and setting national standards for materials processing and analyzing. The manufacture was set up to take advantage of the extensive research CISRI has done in the powder metallurgy. In 1999, CISRI grouped five of its industrial  in the field of new materials and products.
This high technology and strong financial background has enabled manufacture, with its innovative-patented processes and sophisticated equipment, to produce quality diamonds tools of exceptional and most stable quality. LD Diamond products has been adopting the ISO9001 for more than 20 years. Constant in-house self testing and monitoring for product safety enable diamond tools to meet the most stringent safety requirement of EN standards. 
A creative and experienced bond system provides our products a high cost/performance ratio in a broad range of application, effective in both construction and stone industry and successful in both professional and DIY market. New functional products are developed each month by our R&D team.

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